Sunday, January 10, 2021

We Knew Who He Was Before He Was Elected


What follows is a repost from 2015. I knew he was bad news--just not how very bad. What he and his enablers have done to our country by pushing the narrative of Fake News ranks up there with the Sin against the Holy Ghost. 

"We'll go to the Capitol," he tells the sad fools who believe him. "I'll be with you," he says. And returns to the White House to watch it all play out on television.  

This evil man needs, for once in his life, to be held accountable for his actions.


Many years ago I taught at a prep school in Tampa and I encountered some younger versions of Trump -- the golden boys and girls whose parents' wealth had led them to believe they were better than everyone else (the losers) and worthy of whatever they wanted. I've seen the pout when they don't get their way, the sulk when someone else has the spotlight, the self-satisfied smile when they bully someone into giving in.

These kids grow up secure in the knowledge that Daddy's money can buy them out of the drug bust, the hit and run, the rape charge, the cheating scandal, the pregnancy, the draft --  Money talks is the lesson learned.

I recall one eighth grader's answer, when I was asking the class what sort of future they envisioned for themselves: "Climbing to the top of the ladder, stepping on others and pushing them aside," was Robert's response. And I'm pretty sure he was serious -- he wasn't a kid with a sense of humor.

Mr. Trump's four bankruptcies -- no, the bankruptcies of four of his companies -- were, according to him, just good business decisions. Never mind the investors who lost millions -- he was able to walk away from a bad deal -- stepping on others and pushing them aside.

After Thursday's debate, I had a vision of a President Trump on the world stage. Forget diplomacy -- he would be the quintessential Ugly American -- loud, rude, determined to have things his way . . . or else. All those conservatives who were sighing over tough-guy Putin a while back have found their new hero.

And the GOP base applauds, flinging their collective panties at this boor who declares that he doesn't have time for political correctness. They sigh orgasmically even as he pushes out his lower lip and threatens hints that if he doesn't get the nomination, he'll run as an independent.

What does this say about the GOP? Nothing good, in my opinion. Trump's trumpet either drowns out the other voices (I'm thinking particularly of Kasich, who actually sounded like a compassionate conservative. Remember them?) Or the others try to compete with him in rudeness.

And the crowd goes wild.


Anvilcloud said...

We always knew or had the ability to know if we had wanted to.

KarenB said...

We always knew. Living outside the NY area, we've seen his business dealings for a long time and knew he was a conman who lied, cheated, stole and stomped on the little guys to become what he considered a success. It was with horror that I saw him grab the nomination and with something more than horror get elected. My only hope is that by having him lift the lid off of the ugliness of a good chunk of America, we have to face that ugliness and actually work toward the ideals of this country.

Barbara Rogers said...

I'm now really worried about the followers who were brainwashed into storming the Capitol...they are swinging in the wind, and to get them to let go of his rhetoric, to consider returning to real conservatism, to backing away from the position of many can be (I almost said saved) rehabilitated? There does need to be a new leader for Republicans if that party is to survive at all. But I'm certainly not in the mood to forgive them yet...

A Bit of the Blarney said...

I have not trusted what he said since he rode that ugly escaalator to announce his run. His lack of compassion and care was apparent from the beginning. . .abusive behavior was apparant. . .yet he was elected. I'm still numbed by that! Thank you for your words!

katy gilmore said...

The most depressing part for me is that 75 million voted again for him. Would they today?