Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A New Day Dawning for Our Country

 And the end of an error. 

May our new president tackle the giant mess left by his predecessor, strengthened by the  knowledge that the majority of the country supports him and is happy to see the last of the whiny creature and his toadies that have defiled the people's White House for too long. 

May Congress call on their better angels and come together to help the country recover from the many ills that beset it. 

May we all seek Truth . . . and Reconciliation.

So might it be.



Anvilcloud said...

A well-played implied pun: "the end of an error."

KarenB said...


Barbara Rogers said...

I'll vote for that! Wait, I already did!

katy gilmore said...

Amen doubled. We can breathe!