Friday, January 22, 2021

Josie Meets Princess Sunflower and Makes Blueberry Buckle

Meema and I made Blueberry Buckle. I helped a lot.

First I had to grease the pan so  the buckle wouldn't stick. I am good at this job. I also sneak little pieces of butter to eat.

I helped stir the batter then Meema poured it in the pan. Then I put blueberries all over. Meema mixed up sugar and butter and flour and cinnamon for a crumbly topping and we put it i the oven to bake.  

Then Meema said there was another surprise for me from Aunt Fay.

It was a beautiful Castle Lady carrying a bunch of sunflowers!

I love her very much!

Her name is Princess Sunflower and I introduced her to the others. They were happy to meet her.

Then the timer dinged and I left her to dance with the other Castle People. Because it was time to eat Blueberry Buckle. It was very good and we packed up some for me to take home for my mama and daddy.  And later I had some more.

The End. Josie.



Barbara Rogers said...

Oh Josie...I love that you help Meema in the kitchen...and wish I could have blueberry buckle this morning...but I bet there's not a crumb left over! I have some blueberries in my freezer, and they will jump into some pancakes pretty soon I think. Have fun with all your wonderful castle people.

JJM said...

Why, Josie, what a lovely little essay you wrote on how your day went. One of these days, you'll find yourself in competition with your Meema as a writer! ;)

A Bit of the Blarney said...

What a delight! She is a treasure! And blueberry buckle!! Oh my! Have a grand weekend!

Sandra Parshall said...

Every child should be taught to cook -- it's a basic self-care skill that too many kids never learn. Josie is fortunate to have a patient instructor.

katy gilmore said...

Blueberry buckle and a sunflower princess? What a fine day!