Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Best Picnic

Meema and I had a picnic on the deck. There were muffins.

But you need lots of stuff for a picnic. 

I told Meema Wait! I will be right back and I went and got stuff.

I got my magazines and my rock collection and my little cars.

It was the best picnic ever.

I love being outside.

But when I finished my muffin, I decided it was time to go back in. Meema will bring my stuff because that's what she does. Besides, she has big hands and can carry more. 

I think next time, I will bring out all my animal friends. Meema will like that a lot.


Sandra Parshall said...

Children are so funny about the things they MUST have with them. Can't eat without my rock collection! I look forward to seeing photos of the next picnic on the porch when she brings ALL her animals out with her. Good thing Meema has big hands for carrying everything back in.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh how wonderful...sunny picnic with all her friends! And Memaw also has a camera handy!