Friday, May 15, 2020

Irresistable Bloomers

I've been chained to my laptop, trying to finish up a paid editing job, but I broke away with forty pages yet to go in order to grab a few pictures in the now balmy weather.

A Mothers Day fuchsia . . .

A perennial Bachelor's Button/Centaura.

Siberian Iris along The Stairs of Doom (so called because they're kinda teacherous.)

 One of the resident blacksnakes left a shed skin in the dianthus.

I love these stately foxglove volunteers but am puzzled by their lack of color. The foxglove that flung its seeds there was a kind of two-tone maroon and cream.

More dianthus, golden oregano, and a tiny blue something whose name I've forgotten.

Siberian iris

A really loud geranium...

And one of the fuchsia blooms--a tribute to the wedding dress of the late Princesss of Wales?


Anvilcloud said...

So nice to see. Thanks for the tour.

Barbara Rogers said...

So glad you stopped work to share these beauties. Yes, that fuchsia is definitely Diana.

jennyfreckles said...

Such beautiful colours. I like those pale foxgloves. They'll look kind of ghostly at twilight!