Thursday, May 28, 2020

Life in the Bubble

Today will be the first time I've left the farm since back in March--even then, it's just to follow John to the garage (15 minutes away) where he'l leave his truck for repair. Then it's back to the calm of the mountain.

We are so very fortunte to be able to stay isolated. But even as I enjoy the calm, I'm constantly aware that it may well be the calm before the storm.

Our world is in danger and our country, once respected and looked to for leadership in times of disaster, is in the clutches of a feckless egomaniac, enabled by a corrupt GOP that will close their eyes as he dismantles the safeguards of government.  A GOP willing to sacrifice any number of citizens--especially the poor, the elderly, the minorities--in order to preserve the economy so that the 1% can continue to amass wealth.

And then there are the pawns who've been brainwashed by Fox and 45*, fools who believe the pandemic is a hoax, that wearing masks and practicing social distancing is  somehow an attack on their liberty.  

Add to the pandemic, the ongoing shame of racism--yet another murder by police of an unarmed black man, yet another instance of a white woman playing the race card when confronted with her own bad behavior.

Here in the bubble, I awake every morning to the sound of mourning doves and for a moment could almost believe that all is well with the world. Then I lie there wondering what the news will bring. Hopeful thoughts--a vaccine has been discovered; the President* and VP have exploded, taking the entire GOP leadership with them; the LORD has rared back and passed a miracle and called to account all hypocrites . . .

Okay, time to stop fantasizing. Time to get up and read the news. And time to keep on keeping on, waiting for November.

 If the LORD won't do it, it's up to us.


Anvilcloud said...

I am going to leave the bubble for a short while this morning to go to the pharmacy for the first time. I will go during senior hour, take precautions, and hope for the best.

Vicki Lane said...

John has been doing all our shopping, during senior hours and taking all precautions. So far, it's been good.

Anonymous said...

Vicki, I'm leading the same life. At the age of 80 I am trying to do my best at self-quarantine. We have a lot of land to roam around on, a big studio to work in and still are getting a few orders. Because both my husband and I do our craft professionally, we were home all the time anyway. However in order to sell our work, our main venues are outdoor craft fairs. Therein lies the rub.... they're all cancelled and we wouldn't go if they weren't cancelled.

Deana the Queena

Barbara Rogers said...

Glad you're safely bubbled up on your hills. And may one day the news be totally good. Just as mamma wren is singing on my balcony again, thinking perhaps of having nest number two out there, for my pleasure of course. Once there's peace on earth, then we'll all be happy and healthy and oh so grateful!

katy gilmore said...

Calm before the storm bit makes me nervous. Because I think it is true.