Sunday, May 17, 2020

Josie's Third Birthday Party

When I woke up from my nap, Mama helped me put on a pretty dress and when I went outside, there was a party!
Grandma and Apa and Meema and Grumpy and Doug and Shane were there because of me Josie. I an three years old!

There were balloons and little flags 

and lots of food.

I aways have a snack after nap. I had fruit and cheese and peanut butter and little cheese crackers.

Then it was time to open presents!

Daddy helped.

There were so many!

Mama helped too.

Ali Ali came to the party. 

I have two new animal friends--Paul the Bear and Diamond the horse.

 They sat at my table.

A chicken came to the party too. 

Some of my presents were things to play with in the sandbox Daddy made me.

The sand was too dry and I had to bring some water to wet it.

I got wet too and had to go inside and change my clothes.

Then I had to see about the food. There were hot dogs and hamburgers and salads. I had a hot dog!

After dinner, I made a little bed on the grass so I could relax.

A birthday card!

It said JOSIE!

And then it was time for cake!

There were two--one chocolate and one raspberry lemon!

And candles to blow out. The wind helped.

This was a very good party. I like being three! And I like chocolate cake.


Sandra Parshall said...

What a wonderful day for her! And hey, that was my birthday card she was opening. She is old enough now to remember these events, and I'm sure this day will be a cherished memory.

Junk Journal Penpals said...

Happy Birthday Josie :) I love the pictures of your birthday party. It looks like you had a real good time xx

NCmountainwoman said...

What a beautiful day for a birthday party. So glad you had a great one. And now you are three years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Anvilcloud said...

Aww ... belated happy birthday. It looks like a worthy celebration.