Thursday, May 14, 2020

Josie and the Early Birthday

Wednesday was not my birthday. But when I got up to Meema and Grumpy's, my new High Five magazine was there AND there was a birthday card waiting for me from Jayna in Dallas. 

It has a glittery unicorn and I will put him in my room. Thank you, Jayna!  It is fun to get mail!

Then Grumpy came up with some sock puppets my friend Suzie had left in the mailbox for me. She knitted them herself!

There are two flamingos--I named them Dona Rosa and Mary after the flamingos in my magazine. There is a brown bear and a dragon and they both have red tongues.

Meema and I played with them and made them talk.

Dona Rosa gave me un beso on the nose. (She speaks Spanish.) 

Thank you, Suzie, for my new friends! They are fun!

Then Grumpy came back from getting the mail with a big cardboard box and on it was my name Josie. So we opened it too! 

 It was another birthday present! It was from my friend Sandy who lives in Virginia. It is a drawing pad with color crayons that you can erase if you want to start over. It has some empty pages and some with sea creatures! I did some coloring and I let Meema help.  Thank you, Sandy! I love it!

Also, there was a camera that is just for me from Meema and Grumpy. I am learning to work it.

I like early birthdays!!!


Barbara Rogers said...

And who doesn't! Early Birthdays might just become a thing...mmm, I think mine will be tomorrow. Who wants to wait for August!

Sandra Parshall said...

You're very welcome, Josie. I hope you have fun with the drawing book. ❤️

NCmountainwoman said...

You are a lucky girl, Josie. You got an early visit from Santa Claus at Christmas and now you are getting early birthday presents. Enjoy them all and then there will be cake.

Cathy Keller said...

Such a delightful post! It is a party put to work and photo. Have a wonderful day!