Saturday, May 16, 2020

New Camera! Better Pictures!

About a month ago, my cherished Nikkor 18-200 lens jammed up. Again. Since then I've been using my little pocket Sony which I love for its portability but it's not near the camera I want. Even before the lens jammed, my friend Cory (a professional photographer) had warned me that all lenses eventually wear out and he had sent me a recommendation for an all-in-one camera that he felt would suit me.  It has a zoom capacity of 24-600. 

Wow! I was tempted. And when I got an editing job that would pay for a good chunk of the new camera, I bit the bullet and made the order. It arrived Tuesday but apart from opening the package to see that it was all there, I left it in the box, telling myself I had to finish the editing job first ( 150 pages to go out of almost 300.)

Friday morning I had about fifty pages to go. I did my morning chores (dress, make bed, laundry, bird feeders, littler box,) got a cup of coffee, and sat down, determined to finish so I could play with my new toy and be ready to take pictures of The Josie's family birthday party today.

At 12:20 I wrote my editorial letter and sent it and the marked up manuscript off to the author. A quick late breafast of yoghurt and granola and I was ready to explore.  Setting the language and date and time was easy. Attaching the neck strap, less so, but I persevered and then tried taking a picture or two.

Something wasn't right. My new camera didn't seem to want to take pictures. It kept telling me LOW LIGHT, even when I pointed it out the window.  Oh, no! Disaster!

After I removed the lens cap, things went better.

Some close ups -- still getting the hang of this-- (will read the manual soon, Cory.)

And then I tried some distance shots . . .

They're not especially interesting but the microwave tower atop the mountain and the house in the shot below are across the river from us, probably about two miles away. 

Maybe I could have a new career as a PI. Hmm...

Probably best if I stick to the private life of birds.

Mrs. R.B. Grosbeak is not amused.

But what a pleasant afternoon it was! 

Layla was happy to pose.

And, as always, there are the flowers. I think the pictures would have been better if the day han't been so windy.

And if the photographer would study the manual. 

But I had fun.


jennyfreckles said...

Haha, the lens cap bit is funny. I've done that too! A new camera is always exciting. Experimenting first is probably the best way. Then you ask questions and use the manual to find the answers. Have fun!

Anvilcloud said...

I still haven't cracked the manual on my camera, but I did watch some tutorials at the beginning.

KarenB said...

My son just got a new camera as well! I'm expecting, hoping, to see more pictures from him

Sandra Parshall said...

New camera equipment is always fun! I don't know how you managed to leave it in the box for so long.,😄

Vicki Lane said...

My husband said I was a real Stoic. But I knew if I started fooling with the camera, I'd let the editing go too long and then have to reread to remember who said what, etc. This morning I'm juggling playing with the camera and repotting some things and knowing I need to vacuum.

NCmountainwoman said...

I think we all have had the lens cap experience. Makes one look around to see if anyone witnessed it. I am pretty much wedded to Nikkons because of the lenses I have. But zooming to 600 without changing the lens is a big plus. I know you will have even more fun photographing sweet Josie.