Saturday, May 30, 2020

Simple Pleasures

Little treasures along our driveway . . . 

I love the delicate maidenhair fern

And this shy mushroom.

A nice clump of Blue-Eyed Grass--our smallest wild iris

And daisies-- we sat in a field of daisies back in 1973 and decided to buy this magical place and make it our home.

I don't know what this weed is--Wild Lettuce? Sow Thistle?-- but it's quite decorative.

And there's honeysuckle -- a pest but how good it smells!


Barbara Rogers said...

What a difference that decision to move to the mountain made in your lives! Of course if it hadn't been that one, it would probably have been another one! Enjoy all the simple pleasures every day.

Sandra Parshall said...

Honeysuckle is rampant, but I have always loved it. There's nothing better to cover a chain link fence.