Monday, May 6, 2024

Out of the Blue--Out of the Past

In one of our previous lives, John and I taught at the young Independent Day School in Tampa. It was a diverse bunch of kids, mostly smart, many from families impressed by the progressive, free, nature of the school. 

One of the most memorable was Ellen--sharp, funny, persistent, and an amazing athlete in her early teens. 

That was about fifty years ago. We lost track of her, and then intermittent letters let us know she was in California, operating a muffin bakery. Later I received a copy of her book--Everything Total Fitness --and found out she was doing the Ironman Events. Also that she was married, and she and her wife were starting a family.

Last week Ellen got in touch. She was coming to Asheville for a six day bike ride and would like to see us, if possible.

It was amazing! She came out for lunch on Saturday. and it was as if no time had passed, she was still so much the same Ellen--still giving off the energy of a coiled steel spring. We saw pictures of her son and daughters and tried to fill in some of the gaps.

It's such a delight and a privilege for a teacher to get re-acquainted with old students. John and I have been fortunate that way.



Anvilcloud said...

What a treat for you, and the foxgloves are sweet too.

Marcia said...

How nice that through the years you kept in touch. You made a positive impact on her life.