Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Almost Seven

There was a package for me Josie, and Meema let me open it even though it's not my birthday yet. (I am almost seven.)

It was unicorns! My favorite!

They were all different colors.

And there was an activity book. I started on it right away.

There was also a pretty picture of fairies. Meema said we will find a frame for it and I can hang it in my room.

The unicorns had names like Dreamsicle and Razzamatazz but I didn't think they sounded like unicorns. So I have given them better names, The blue and green one is Rainstorm Emerald; the orange and yellow one is Sunrise; the mostly purple one is Nightfall; and the pink and yellow one is Sunrise.  I think these names sound like unicorns.


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