Thursday, May 23, 2024

Dawn Boy's Song (from the Navajo)


                       “In the house of long life, there I wander.

                        In the house of happiness there I wander.

Beauty before me, with it I wander.
Beauty behind me, with it I wander.

Beauty below me, with it I wander.
Beauty above me, with it I wander.

                            In old age traveling, with it I wander.
                           On the Beauty trail I am, with it I wander.”




Marcia said...

You have such a nice view.

Sandra Parshall said...

You make me miss the mountains.

Barbara Rogers said...

I like Dawn Boy's Song very much, and of course your peaceful views accompanying it!

Judith said...

What a "beautiful" post--both words and images. Do you read Tony and Anne Hillerman?

Vicki Lane said...

I am a long-time fan of Tony Hillerman and am currently re-reading the Leaphorn/Chee novels for the umpteenth time. I've read some of Anne's and have been impressed by her take on the series--with more from the female POV.