Saturday, May 25, 2024

Just One Azalea

This late-blooming azalea has surpassed itself this year. Not much bloom last year due to a late freeze but this year, WOW!

I planted it around thirty years ago, after purchasing it from Irene Lee--a transplant who'd become a grower of azaleas. 

The one bush produces pale pink, darker pink, and streaked blooms.

And it's a welcome sight after all the other azaleas and rhododendrons have called it quits.

What a super-bloomer!



Anvilcloud said...

It remains splendiferous after three decades.

Barbara Rogers said...

That's a lovely azalea, for sure! That it has three colors of blooms, as well as late blooming, are definitely big plusses!

Sandra Parshall said...

Beautiful big flowers. We have a couple of Encore azaleas, which rebloom reliably in mid-summer.