Tuesday, May 21, 2024

In the Reading Room

As on most Mondays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Fridays, I'm waiting to pick up Josie. Dismissal time is 2:45, but the line begins to form early--around 1. I'm usually one of the early birds--today I'm third in line.

It's a pleasant day, a little warm but there's a breeze. And I have mandarins and reading material. It's a fine way to spend an hour or so. I'll miss this little ritual when school is over--Friday is the last day.

Time to move up to pick up positions. The kids get called out individually--a staff member notes the positions of the cars (she's gotten quite good at recognizing which vehicle is for which kid) and when the first group of five is assembled, out they come to their cars. Each position has a staff member there to open the door/ hold an umbrella if needed/ and probably to verify that kids aren't being picked up by bad guys.

The system seemed awfully unwieldy to me, back when Josie started kindergarten. But I've come to appreciate how smoothly it flows.

Come mid-August when school resumes, it'll be hot, and I'll bring along a cooler with ice and a wet towel or two for keeping comfortable. 

Happy to be useful!



Marcia said...

Is there no bus for Josie to take?

Anvilcloud said...

Marcia's question.

It's a heckuva wait, but you seem well-prepared, and it is good to be useful. I still drive JJ here and there on occasion.

Barbara Rogers said...

My recently retired friend picks up her granddaughter after school also. It kind of cuts into her free time to go on day trips...but we manage to kidnap her for morning/noon trips and get her back on time to be Nana.

Sandra Parshall said...

Does the school system have school buses?

Vicki Lane said...

There are busses but on the long routes we have. Older kids can be rowdy they can be problematic on the long routes we have. Older kids can be rowdy. Perhaps when she's a bit older.

Merisi Vienna said...

You make the best of it and Josie sure will be happy to get home with you early!

Janet Morrison said...

At least this pick-up duty keeps you out of trouble. And you are creating more memories with Josie.