Friday, April 21, 2023

Now That I Am Almost Six

There was no school on Wednesday or Thursday because next year's kindergarteners were coming to the school to check it out and the teachers would be busy talking to them.  So Meema and I went to the library and there were some nice girls who wanted to play. One was six (like I am almost) and one was younger. We had fun playing with the castle and the puppets.

Then we played outside. When I was very young, I was afraid of the big slide. But not anymore because I am almost six, and soon I will graduate from kindergarten. 

I have learned a lot about reading and writing and math. I know 200+200=400 because it follows a pattern, like 2+2=4. I amazed Meema when I could read the text messages she and Mama were sending. I can read whole books if they are easy. And I can read lots of words like MADISON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY.

I also amazed Meema when I told her I would do the dishes. I have to stand on a chair but I can do it all.

And I have my first loose tooth. It is one of the bottom ones and it is very wobbly and you can see the new one behind it.

Also, now I walk home ALL BY MYSELF! It is one quarter of a mile from Meema and Grumpy's to my house and I go down the road very fast.  Mama is there waiting for me.



Barbara Rogers said...

Yes indeed, almost six has got to be such a wonderful time to be! Good news of tooth coming out...that's always so much amazement at natures way of giving us bigger teeth!

Sandra Parshall said...

I love the way she easily finds friends among strangers. But the most exciting development is the rapid advance of her reading! The whole world is open to her now. Love this girl. ❤️

Marcia said...

She's growing up fast.