Monday, April 24, 2023

Josie and Fashion (and Some Other Stuff)

I spent Sunday afternoon with Meema because Mama had to go to work and Daddy and Grumpy were busy giving the cows worm medicine. I brought up my big doll Candy and all her clothes and shoes and hats so I could do a fashion show for Meema. 

Meema said she isn't very interested in fashion, and I said Well, I know, because you wear the same thing every day--baggy jeans and a tee shirt and a hoodie. Which is true. Then she asked me what I liked in fashion, and I said dresses and sequins and sparkly things. Meema never wears any of those.

Candy is fashionable in flowered bell-bottoms and a stretchy crop top.

I helped Meema make banana bread. It is the same recipe she used to help her grandmother make a long time ago. The little wire cooling racks are the same ones that used to belong to her grandmother who is my great great grandmother Ruby. The banana bread was very good, and I took some home for my mama and daddy.

I also did an experiment. I got the box of dog treats and put it under the stairs and made a wall in front of it. Then I wrote TREAT on a piece of paper and put it by the wall and then I called Bailey inside.

The experiment was to see if dogs can read, and I made a video of it on Meema's phone. I told Meema she could put it on her blog but she looked at it and said it was pretty jumpy and might make people seasick.

Anyway, Bailey finally came in, but she didn't read the sign. Maybe someday I will teach her.



Anvilcloud said...

Five generations of banana bread and cooling racks 😲

Sandra Parshall said...

I'm betting Bailey's nose told her where the treats were.

I love the way her mother dresses Josie. She has some very pretty dresses -- but none with sparkly sequins that I can remember.

Barbara Rogers said...

I always love your posts about/including/by Josie. Teaching a dog to read should also be interesting. As she is a new reader, perhaps she will know the "tricks" to help dog get the "treats".

jennyfreckles said...

She has such fun with you. Their little minds are so curious and interesting at this stage.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

You always have such adventures with you granddaughter! Thank you for sharing! Cathy