Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Detectorists--Oh, Yes!

The most charming, delightful, good-hearted comedy series I've ever seen. And we've watched all three seasons now and are bereft because there don't seem to be more on the way.

The show is very low-key and laid back--but slyly funny in a way that reminds me of some of the Coen brothers' work--realistic people being themselves and treated with obvious love.  The synergy amongst the cast (one of whom is also the writer and director) is delightful--even the bad guys are likeable.

There's a good article HERE that will tell you more.

 Thanks to my English friends who alerted me to this excellent bit of television. Feel-good, funny, and fabulous--I recommend it highly. Let yourself succumb to the quiet pleasure of The Detectorists.



Anvilcloud said...

We recently watched this. I was expecting to dislike it and bin it very quickly. Instead, I loved it. Did you watch the movie? It’s like a regular show, only longer — an hour, I think.

Teddy Witherspoon said...

I loved The Detectorists. Another British favorite is Ghosts. If looking for it, make sure your search is for BBC Ghosts. There’s an American version that is terrible.
Nothing like the Brits for good tv watching.

Vicki Lane said...

AC--not sure if we saw the movie--will have a look.

Teddy--thanks for the suggestion--will look for BBC Ghosts!

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh that does look like fun!

Yolanda V. Fundora said...

Love that show! We loved it so much that we made a point of learning the theme song and perform it when the occasion arises so when they ask what is that, we can tell them all about it.

Yolanda V. Fundora said...

For those who want to hear the theme song.