Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Black Birds


  Black Birds

When the crows come
black against the darkening sky
their wings obscure the sun
and small sounds drown
in their strident caws. 
They storm the walnut tree
snatch the green fruit
drop it from great heights
retrieve the cracked kernels.

Again and again they dive
From tree to ground
feathers gleaming
where stray sunrays touch.
And when the mountains turn blue
with the haze of evening
the crows lift off in ebony formation
head toward some secret roost
where they blend into the night.

Lisl auf der Heide


Marcia said...

Just finished reading the second book by Raynor Winn "The Wild Silence". Her first was "The Salt Path". Anyway blackbirds figure in the book when they steal apples and drop them in the stream. Have you read either of her books? If not I think you'd like them.

Cella said...

Have you read “The Secret of the Seven Crows” by Wylly Folke St. John? It’s an old book which I read years ago. I recently reread it and still loved it. It was written as a young adult book but it seems suitable for all ages.

Vicki Lane said...

Marcia--I read and enjoyed THE SALT PATH but haven't read the second.

Cella-Haven't read that one but will look for it--I like reading YA.

Sandra Parshall said...

I'm a huge fan of crows and dislike neighbors who complain about their "noise." That isn't noise. It's language, one of the most extensive of any bird species. Crows are said by scientists to have the intelligence of young human children, and are much more savvy about the world. Ornithologists at Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology continue to study and interpret crow language and communication. One thing is well-proven: If you treat them badly, they will remember forever and will pass that targeted animosity down to younger generations. So be kind to crows, or you (and your vehicle) will suffer endlessly.

Anvilcloud said...

I like it: a simple picture that resonates in some way. Maybe resonates is the wrong word, but it’s good enough for today. 😀