Friday, March 17, 2023

Josie's Very Busy Sick Day

I have been a little sick with an earache and a cold. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and then with Mama to her office for the day. (I had lots of stuff to keep busy and it was pretty fun.)

On Thursday I felt better but I had a runny nose, so I spent the day with Meema and Grumpy. Meema was making a grocery list so I got out my paints all by myself and did a lot of pictures. The one up there in the green dress is Tinkerbell whose picture is on the cup I have up here.

This is a pink fairy who is Tinkerbell's friend. Meema asked me if I knew how many fingers were on a hand. Five, of course. But this is how I draw hands.

This is me and Blue Elephant.

And this is a picture of Meema's amaryllis. It doesn't have a flower anymore, but I painted the green leaves and the brown bulb and the green moss.

And I made my own lunch. I got everything out and made a cream cheese and honey sandwich and some carrots. Meema was amazed. (Meema helped with the honey.)

Another thing I did all by myself was to get out my blocks and make forts Everywhere,

I even made one on the table to protect Meema's orchids, but Jenny had to get inside it to lie in the sun.

I spent a lot of time with Grumpy because Meema had to go to the store after lunch. I drew pictures on Grumpy's Post-it notes. This is Grumpy taking Bailey for a walk. Bailey is his new dog and she is very nice. But she has to stay on a leash till she gets used to being here.

I drew the one down there because I needed Meema to help me get those babies to bed. Meema is holding Dolly (she has her hair in two bunches) and I am holding Margo (who is a baby and doesn't have any hair.)

Later Grumpy and I took the dogs for a walk, and I got to explore the little log cabin. It will be a good playhouse for me when I am older. My Daddy and Uncle Ethan played in it and even slept in it. But that was long ago. 

Tomorrow, I will probably go to school.



Barbara Rogers said...

Almost sick children are still children with a constant need to be active. What great pursuits this little one gets up to without suggestions.

Sandra Parshall said...

I'm sorry she keeps getting infections. Earaches are miserable. But she seemed to be well on the mend and ready to be super busy as usual. Hope she's better today. ❤️

A Bit of the Blarney said...

She is quite a prolific artist. She's quite talented. Happy St. Patrick's Day!