Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little Bouquets

Hearing from a reader who's enjoyed one of my books is like being given a little bouquet. One I'll always remember was when Pat emailed to say that she'd started reading my book and then they had company and she had to keep disappearing into the bathroom to read a few more pages. It still makes me smile.

Another was the lady who told me that she and her sister hadn't spoken for years but after reading  Under the Skin, she called her sister and now they chat daily.  I really loved that.

Just yesterday, Christine Taylor sent this to a mutual friend (Kaye Barley) who then forwarded to me :

"I was thinking about your posting that a review is the best compliment. I haven't got a review in my head but wondered if you could forward this to Vicki Lane as my compliment.

 I started Vicki Lane's The Day of Small Things and was so  astonished by the first chapter that I wrote a poem:


 It makes me sad

how close I am to gifted
 but not enough.
 I hear the stories. Yes! Yes!
 I know about that!
 I've seen the pictures, places,

 vivid as--what?
 The lines aren't in me.
 The fever is there to tell you
 so you'd know, so you'd do something.
 This is all that comes:
 Stop the wars. Stop the wars.
 Stop the wars."

Thank you, Christine -- that's a lovely bouquet!
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Ms. A said...

It must be so nice to know, that in some way, whatever that way, you can make a difference in someone's life.

Thérèse said...

such a nice way to make a difference!

Brian Miller said...

these are def the side perks of writing...reader comment and affirmation....its cool for sure...

Barbara Rogers said...

Feedback is so important, though writers and creative people like to imagine they can live without it...nah.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Way cool.

Stella Jones said...

I've read all your books now Vicki and enjoyed them all very much indeed. I particularly like The Day of Small Things, but they are all worth reading (more than once). I only wish you had another of those in the pipeline.

Deanna said...

Those are all beautiful boquets.

mimja said...

Surprised by Delight! What a perfect setting for my poem and how kind you are to include it. I cherish the loveliness and the Cherokee Magic.

Darla said...

How wonderful! And, also, to realize that those bouquets you receive are simply a few flowers from a field of many who appreciate you and your writing!