Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bling Hip Hop Disco Ball Jewelry

I received a puzzling email the other day, part of which I reproduce below:

".... I find that your blog is so fantastic & awesome, so I am here to kindly introduce you    (website name removed by me) which provides opportunities for cooperation. 

Here is an on-going opportunity we highly recommended. It is the product review about Bling Hip Hop Jewelry Disco Ball Bracelet. You are cordially invited to review this product. 

. . .  more and better opportunities which will be beneficial to your lovely readers and bring you more exposure opportunities as well. It is committed to provide a safer, easier and more effective marketplace for bloggers and sponsors to reach a mutually beneficial situation. "

Well. I don't plan to monetize this blog. But I had no idea what a bling hip hop jewelry disco ball bracelet might be so I had to ask Mr. Google. Turns out they're all the rage with athletes and celebrities as well as anyone who aspire to be 'with it' (whatever 'it' is.)

Obviously, I don't get out much.  But Mr. Google has expanded my horizons yet again.

 These trinkets cost anywhere from 9.99 right on up to to 16 thousand for the 23 karats of pave diamonds in the above picture -- discounted in a blue light special to a paltry 4,495! Come on, my lovely readers, you know you want it!

Or this below -- and I quote:

"For those off you that like to show off their religion while lookin` fly! This rosary necklace contains 5 CZ encrusted disco balls and diamond cut hematite beads that give it that style you have been looking for. Being adjustable from 34"-40" makes this rosary necklace one to have in your collection. The praying hands centerpiece and crucifix are gold plated and encrusted with clear CZ stones that are stunning! Pair it with a disco ball bracelet for the ultimate look."

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Ms. A said...

Guess I'm not "with it".

Juliet said...

You've just given a great advertisement to a spammer. Best to delete these emails and mark them as spam.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Guess I'm not with it either. And don't want to be if this is "it."

Amazing what goofy offers you get when you have a blog. I have people offer to write posts about things totally unrelated to food. Makes you wonder if they ever even look at your blog before they send out the solitations.

Brian Miller said...

cubic zirconium disco that draws god near....ha...ha

Pat in east TN said...

I raise my hand, minus any "bling hip hop disco ball jewelry". I'm another who is not "with it".

KarenB said...

But Vicki! Think how wonderful that bracelet will look catching the sun as you weed the garden and feed the chickens! You would start a whole new trend in farm chic!

June said...

Sign me up.
Where do I send the check.
How exciting.
More faux sparkly (religious?) crap.

Vicki Lane said...

Juliet, yeah, I thought about that. But somehow I doubt that any of my readers are going to be tempted by this stuff. I was intrigued by the very incongruity -- obviously, as Sam points out, these 'marketers' haven't even looked at my blog.

And the religious aspect--what can I say? Brian nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I'll take the skull one.
It will go very nicely with my Day of the Dead stuff. What a wonderful world we live in, and how the inner tubes draw us closer and closer... 8~)

Deana the Queena

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Disco balls? Yikes-