Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Miscellany

Friday was devoted to proof-reading THE DAY OF SMALL THINGS, lips moving and carefully reading aloud in my mind. It's the very best way to make sure I have the dialect right, that I am making sense, that I'm not repeating the same word in a sentence (a common failing of mine), and that the words flow easily when read aloud.

I got as far as page 147 (out of 401) and have been charmed to find that I keep wanting to see what's next.

Since I spent most of the past year working on the novel in a very different configuration, the story I am reading now is almost new to me, as those major changes were made quickly and there was no time for me to read and reread again and again till the story was fixed in my mind.

Now, with a bit more distance between me and the previous version, I can really appreciate how right Herself was in having me pare away that other subplot.

The pictures? Just odds and ends. The yellow sedum at the top is called Hundred (or is it Thousand?) Acre sedum because one small plant, given time and rain, will spread over vast areas.

The second is a picture of the pond with raindrops dancing on its surface. And the third is a tiny box turtle that Justin found while weed eating and brought in to show us.

And last? Bobotie, made from a recipe Eleanor posted over at Thatchwick Cottage. An Indonesian dish finds its way to North Carolina via South Africa and we agree, it was lekker (tasty)!

Thanks, Eleanor!

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Pat in east TN said...

Oooooh the agony of having to wait, especially after reading your reaction to your own words!

Carol Murdock said...

Vicki...that's delightful that your own creation has you wondering what's next? I've done that on songs I've written, I have to sing them to remember the next line.Love the pond picture, makes me want to lay out there on a pallett. HAPPY READING!

Vicki Lane said...

Good morning, Pat and Carol!

I'm hoping we're going to have a dry-ish day so I can get out in the garden, much as I'd like to go on reading. And if I don't vacuum the house, the dog hair is going to take over.

You all have a great day!

Merisi said...

Congratulations on working so swiftly through 147 pages! *applaus*

The image of the pond is enchanting! Do I see white peonies to the left of the picture?

Rainy Saturday greetings
from Vienna!

Vicki Lane said...

Hello, Merisi, -- I was just over at your blog, admiring the roses in the farmers' market!

Those are not peonies in the pond picture but a pale pink, intensely fragrant, old-fashioned rose whose name I have forgotten.

But we do have peonies in bloom elsewhere!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

Vicki - this was lovely! I'm getting pretty anxious now to read this one; sounds tantalizing!

How was the Bobotie?? I printed that out from Eleanor's blog when she posted it 'cause it sounds perfectly scrumptious!!

Merisi said...

So you love Green Fried Tomatoes?
I saw your comment over at Writer's Porch. ;-)

The best I ever had were handed to me from a window in a wall at Dollywood's Heritage & Crafts lane.

Vicki Lane said...

Kaye - the bobotie was quite tasty though a little sweet for my family's taste -- the next time I make it (and there will definitely be a next time) I'll leave out the apricot jam and the raisins, add more heat (cayenne pepper) and sprinkle it with chopped green onions.

I used half ground beef and half ground lamb.

Vicki Lane said...

Kaye -- We just had leftover bobotie, heated up for lunch, and I'm revising my opinion. I think I'd leave the sweet stuff in but add the heat and green onions.

Merisi -- Dollywood's a far cry from Vienna! But fried green tomatoes are delectable, wherever you are.