Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blog Friends

Last night, as preliminary to today's Blue Ridge Book and Author Showcase, there was a reception at the Cedars in Hendersonville and I got to meet two of my blog buddies -- Carol Murdoch (The Writers Porch) and Bo Parker (Cobbledstones.) What fun to spend time with folks I already feel I know via their blogs and comments !

The reception honored Louise Howe Bailey, a much-loved historian of Hendersonville and Henderson County, with a charming dramatic presentation of some of her writing. (Carol took pictures -- I'm hoping they'll show up on her blog.)

When the reception was over, I walked back to The Waverly Inn where I am staying and enjoyed chatting with Gary Carden (Holler Notes). We sat on the beautiful front porch till the mosquitoes became troublesome and I made notes of ideas to pursue. Gary's a story teller and a playwright and I came away with ideas for at least six books, somewhere down the road. . . Melungeons and Lumbees and Lost Colony survivors and fool killers, oh my!

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Pat in east TN said...

Hope you have a good time with everyone, and can hardly wait for you to share more. Hendersonville is a neat little town .. I lived not too far from there for several years.

Tammy said...

So much rich material out there. Can't wait til you weave it into stories for us. I keep hoping you'll swing by Missouri sometime. ;-)

Reader Wil said...

It looks like you have a great time! How wonderful to meet Carol. I am looking forward to the photos! Have a great day!

Vicki Lane said...

It's been wonderful. It's Sunday morning now and I'm getting ready to head home where (I've been told) a Mothers Day brunch awaits. Will catch up with personal email there as for some reason, using the inn's WiFi allows me to blog but not to send emails.