Friday, May 8, 2009

Eddie and the Turkeys

Sounds kinda like a punk rock band, doesn't it?

But this post is about something that happened a week ago right out by our bird feeder. The pictures aren't great -- I was taking them from a distance and through a window screen -- but if you click on them to biggify (still love that word, Tammy), you'll get a better idea of the cast of characters.

So, it's late morning and Eddie, the ex-tomcat, is crouched by the bird feeder working on his life list. And four turkeys are working on the sunflower seed. (Eddie is the black blob center right.)

The turkeys are pecking and scratching and having a fine old time and Eddie is laying low -- imagining, no doubt, what glory would be his if he could bring down one of these birds.

Finally the turkeys decide to move on to the front yard and they start down the little dog trail. They seem to notice Eddie but don't appear to be at all disturbed by the presence of this fierce beast of prey -- this deadly stalker.

They take their time, looking around to make sure that everyone's in line. Eddie maintains his crouch.

What happened next went so quickly I didn't get a picture of it. As all four turkeys got onto the trail and started downhill, Eddie charged at the last one -- which squawked, made a little hop, and spun around ready to peck at the attacker.

Suddenly Eddie seemed to notice that he was severely outclassed. He dropped, flattening himself against the grass till he looked like a catskin rug.

And stayed that way as the turkeys continued their leisurely promenade down the trail. Only when they were around the corner and out of sight did Eddie break his freeze position and hightail it for the house.

Next time, I think he'll want backup. Or a gun.

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Christie Russell said...

I LOVE your posts about Eddie...he is just adorable...nothing like a cat! Keep posting about adorable Eddie!

Vicki Lane said...

He is pretty adorable -- just ask him!

Victoria said...

The tale (sorry, couldn't help myself) of Eddie and the Turkeys had me in stitches! Too funny!

Vicki Lane said...

Eddie is a hoot.

Tammy said...

I loved this story. Eddie has such Cat-itude. :-) I can just picture him the moment he realized he was in over his furry little head and tried to go invisible. Thanks for sharing.

Vicki Lane said...

Catitude! Another great word, Tammmy!