Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

. . . and that includes all of you,


Wednesday, November 26, 2014


"But let justice roll down like waters;
 And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. . ."
Amos 5:24

Like many, I've had the situation in Ferguson on my mind. Absent a video tape of the entire confrontation, there's probably no way of knowing the truth of what happened, no way of knowing if justice was done. 

The media has been over-flowing with stories, memes, interviews, and explanations of the judicial system, statistics of cop killers and killer cops. . . everyone has an opinion.

Here's mine. It's time for every law enforcement officer to wear a camera .

When people with toy guns, developmentally disabled people, mentally ill, or even angry people who feel they've been picked on just one time too many are shot dead, a videotape of the incident would make clear the level of the threat the officer was confronting.

I know that law enforcement people at at a huge risk. I know that they are (mostly) good guys. I know that the trope of shooting the gun out of the bad guy's hand a la westerns from my childhood isn't feasible.  But when officers aren't held to close scrutiny for the use of deadly force, perhaps they become a little overeager to defend themselves against a perceived threat.

'Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six," the sheriff's deputy conducting my concealed carry class told us, in discussing the use of deadly force.  

How much clearer that judgement would be if those twelve could watch a videotape of the incident. And perhaps this simple step would go a long way to restoring confidence in our law enforcement. . . and our justice system.  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Twenty Five Hundred

Ay, law.  

Would you believe this is post number 2,500 of my (almost) daily blog.  I began this blog the day after Christmas in 2007.

Since then it's been a hodge-podge of . . . 


I've chronicled weddings  anniversaries and funerals . . .

 I've talked about writing, the glamorous life of an author, and an exciting moment for an author . . .

There've been walks and musings, philosophical  and grammatical . . .

And photos and Miss Birdie and any amount of random foolishness ...  

And I'm not done yet.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Life's Little Ironies

At Wendy's . . . a feller can only eat so much pizza before he needs a burger.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Queen for a Day

 Yesterday I received a crown. From our new dentist. Our longtime dentist, Doc Adams, has retired and his successor (AKA the kid) has installed some fancy new equipment.

This dental procedure involves a LOT of stuff in your mouth -- and a goodly time lying back, feet elevated, trying to stay calm while lots of things happen -- but your mouth is numb and you don't feel it. Your main job is to stay calm and breathe through your nose while the broken tooth is prepped to receive the crown and  innumerable pictures are taken and sent to the computer.

After which -- and this is the amazing part -- the computer sends the 3-D images to a milling machine in another room and this machine takes a little block of dental ceramic material and carves it to fit your tooth exactly.  All untouched by human hands.

The new crown is set in place and checked for fit, after which it's put in a kiln for about a half an hour. Then it's glued in place. Done. The whole process took less than two hours as opposed to two visits when the crown was fashioned in a laboratory somewhere else. 

I remember overhearing (another) old lady tell a friend that she'd been to the dentist and he'd fixed her teeth with his commuter.

Me too!

You can read about the whole process and see pictures of it HERE