Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rock On!

Give me some men who like to lift heavy rocks!

Yesterday Justin and Bob (Justin's mentor and compatriot in rock work) began the task of re-laying the rock walk that leads to our front porch. The old walk (much of which I laid myself about 25 years ago) had grown increasingly uneven and sunken, not to mention hazardous.

They began by prying up the old stepping stones and digging out a deeper and flatter bed into which they put gravel for a base.

In order to make a really high class pathway, some giant flat rocks were purchased at a nearby stone yard. Fortunately two of Justin's friends were at the farm for the weekend -- Cory from Asheville and Timba, who had driven with his wife and baby all the way from Indianapolis only to find himself put to work.

It took all four guys and a hand truck to get this baby to its appointed place at the foot of the steps.

The pictures speak for themselves -- lots of gravel hauling, rock lifting, digging, eye-balling and figuring ...

. . . but at least half of the path is done -- and it is magnificent!

The really nice thing is that these friends work for food and drink -- that's my contribution to the rock party -- steak and Italian sausage sub sandwiches for lunch -- beer can chicken, potato salad, green beans sauteed with cherry tomatoes, green salad, and fresh-baked pound cake for supper.

And the rain that had been predicted held off, for the most part, till the work day was over and the party half of the rock party had begun.

It was a very fine day!


TheWritersPorch said...

And that is a fine walk way!!

~ Carol ~

Susan M. Bell said...

They sure do good work. Wonder if you could send those guys my way.

Eleanor said...

That was a huge job but the final result looks lovely. Those men certainly deserved being well fed after that. I just hope their backs weren't too sore the next day. I see you having being giving talks at book clubs. Wish you could drop in at ours - we meet every first Tuesday of the month. Eight very enthusiatic ladies with lots of opinions!

Vicki Lane said...

I'm delighted, as you might imagine, Carol.

Susan, those guys are the best. But they're a rowdy, head-strong bunch and I can't tell them what to do.

Eleanor -- I certainly wish I could meet with your book club -- and see your lovely country and your garden while I was there!

Tammy said...

What a lovely pathway. I'm so glad it worked out that 'them big strong men-folk' got so much done. It sure does add to the charm of your home.

Pat in east TN said...

Your walk way is absolutely beautiful! I'm with Susan ... can they make it over my way? Lucky you Vicki!

Vicki Lane said...

I am lucky indeed -- in having a son and friends who will work for food and in the fact that the weather cooperated. Today is quite chilly and rainy.