Wednesday, April 24, 2024

When I Consider . . .

In this beautiful time of year, it's tempting to simply ignore the news and bask in the sun.

But I can't. I am fascinated by the daily reports of the Former Guy on trial--his dozing off, his scowl, his reported farting--all of these are laughable. But the fact that he is being forced to sit silent--without his Diet Cokes and without his minions and yes persons constantly stroking his ego--well, I gotta say I enjoy that. I enjoy that he had to hear what many of the prospective jurors thought of him as their posts on social media were read out. 

And then there's the testimony by Mr. Pecker of the National Enquirer--showing how the Enquirer coordinated with the Trump campaign to 'catch and kill any negative articles about Trump and to post any and all disparaging article about his opponents.

I, for one, have never accepted supermarket tabloids as a source of news but, alas, I suspect that many of the Orange One's supporters do.  Hillary pregnant by space alien; Ted Cruz shamed by porn star, Ben Carson left sponge in patient's brain-some people believe what they want to believe. So, add the Enquirer to Fox News as an enabler of the Orange One.

Linda, one of my FB friends said that she felt much of Trump's following came from his years on "The Apprentice"--a show that had about as much to do with reality as does the Enquirer. Her words: If there's anyone to blame for the Orange Buffoon's rise, I believe it is Mark Burnett. His careful editing of The Apprentice made the Orange Asshole seem to be a smart, compassionate, honorable and wise man.
Interesting. I never watched that show, unlike a great many folks. But wow! that is some serious editing. The mind boggles.

I wish I could think that as more and more of the Former Guy's machinations are revealed, that his supporters will see how they've been manipulated. 

Wishful thinking. Folks in a cult like MAGA have too much of their ego wrapped up in their beliefs. 

Ah, well, at least I can look forward to Don Snorleone having some more miserable days ahead as this trial grinds on. And with no Diet Coke.



Marcia said...

I never watched The Apprentice either but your friend has made a good point that people assumed his "brilliance" from a carefully edited TV show.

Anvilcloud said...

I think I am experiencing some schadenfreude.

Sandra Parshall said...

Shadenfreude is thick in the air these days. But tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear arguments re: whether a president can be prosecuted for ANY actions he took while in office -- in other words, even if he murdered somebody in the Oval Office, or tried to overturn a lawful election, is he untouchable? With the current makeup of SCOTUS, I am scared of what they will decide. It won't affect the porn star trial, but it will affect every other charge against trump. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Barbara Rogers said...

It's good that there is beauty in springtime - it seems an attempt to balance our lives out against the news. I feel quite powerless in considering the tRump trials, and do hope our democracy and rules of law will prevail. The amount of wars these days concerns me more, but again I am powerless. Earth Day reminded me of climate change once again. Hey, here I make minimal steps to change things in my life! I'm not totally powerless. And yes, I certainly will vote!

Janet Morrison said...

Well said. Very sad, but I think you are correct. Today's questions and comments by the US Supreme Court Justices did little to boost my confidence in how that case will turn out. We are in a mell of hess.