Wednesday, April 3, 2024

From a Member of the Silent Generation


At the Easter Party this year (and last,) I sat on the sidelines as Hostess Emeritus and left the decisions and hard work to Justin, Claui, and a host of younger family and friends who have moved into the hosting role seamlessly.

It was such a pleasure to just sit and take pictures without having constantly to be on the alert for problems. Do we need more pork? Who will hide the eggs? Have the napkins run out? WHAT are those dogs doing now?

I also realized that I was now the type of rather wobbly, somewhat deaf partygoer that our late dear friends Paul and Grace had been. They attended the party well up into their eighties and beyond, assisted by kind neighbors. Everyone knew them—a local couple who had welcomed all the new people. And everyone wanted to have a word.


As I sat in my chair near the barn, strategically located for taking pictures, various folks would stop by and chat a bit--especially folks I probably hadn't seen since last year. Funny thing--these days, the innocuous question “How are you?” especially when there’s an emphasis on the middle word, sounds a little to me like “What, still here?”

Rather than go into the saga of my funky right knee and my never-be-the-same left ankle, (not to mention the deafness which they can probably surmise from my repeated use of the word What?), I rather think I’ll start saying, “Not dead and I haven’t bitten anyone today.”

It was a wonderful, multi-generational gathering, and all the kids running about felt like hope for the future. 

My hope is that their future isn't a grim as current trends might indicate.



Barbara Rogers said...

I never heard we had that title "Silent Generation" - wasn't there a silent majority way back when? Anyway, you sound like you enjoyed yourself and there were new folks to honor you as a matriarch of the family! My fingers don't want to type today, so I'll just say it's great that you started this tradition for the generations to come.

Sandra Parshall said...

You and John are the glue for your whole family and large circle of friends. Enjoy your matriarchal role! And get a hearing aid, please. 😄

Anvilcloud said...

We have become the oldies sitting on the sidelines.

Cella said...

I forwarded this to an old friend who felt exactly the same as you did. I’ve sent her a copy of “Art’s Blood” because it’s one of my favorites.