Monday, April 15, 2024

She's Back!


Possibly my favorite flower--at the moment, anyway, the tree peony has outdone herself this year with over 20 blooms.

In past years, late freezes have been hard on her, and I've been thrilled with four or five blooms. But this year, the weather was kind.

I'd never heard of tree peonies till some years ago when an article in Martha Stewart's magazine spotlighted Martha's gorgeous collection of these beauties.

They don't die back, like the more common herbaceous peonies, and they bloom much earlier. 

Such a beauty!


Barbara Rogers said...

So beautiful she is. I'm just imagining the joy of looking at all those blossoms!

Anvilcloud said...

I think I read something recently about hybridizing the two types of peonies, so that the garden ones don't flop over so much.

Marcia said...

Wow!!! Peonies here are just showing a tiny bit of red bursting through the soil. I hope to have blooms on the two I have.

Yours is just stunning!

Merisi said...

Gorgeous, the Queen of Flowers!
I am so glad your peonies are enjoying favorable weather.

Sandra Parshall said...

Beautiful! We have a single herbaceous peony plant, left behind by the former owner of the house, who foolishly planted it directly under a big bird feeder. It was being stunted by the unfriendly chemicals in sunflower seed hulls, so we moved it. Then we moved it again for different reasons. They do not like being moved, and this one has bloomed sparsely over the 30 years we've been here. This year, after a long time in the same garden spot, the plant looks more robust than it ever has, and we're waiting for flowers.

Vagabonde said...

Your peonies plant is lovely. I’ll check to see if they might grow in Nashville.

I read your post on James by Percival Everett. I just received it Saturday. I ordered it after reading the review on the NYT. Both Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer are on the shelves but when I tried to read them it was too hard for me to understand the vernacular speech that was in it. I had to read it and re-read it.
As for James I don’t know when I’ll read it. Right now I am researching some of what Hemingway said or wrote that was lies. I read an article in a Canadian literary journal by a Canadian English PhD who had taken a year off to research A Moveable Feast and found out that Hemingway’s a Moveable Feast is fiction rather than a memoirs, that there never was a trunk where he found his old manuscripts, and never left it at The Ritz (interviewed staff that used to work there.) It’s fascinating. Also read in Italian articles that he never saved an injured Italian soldier in WW1 and his medal was given 2 years later as PR from the Italian Gov. Am not sure I’ll write a post on this as, in this country, he is still regarded as mostly a great writer and not a bluffer or impostor. He reminds me so much of 45 and the way he treats is MAGA cult so they believe him (and believe he was the greatest president ever, and in EH's case, the greatest writer ever...)

Vicki Lane said...

Vagabonde-- I look forward to hearing more of your findings on Hemingway. I see the similarities with the Orange One.