Saturday, April 13, 2024

Slo-Mo Light Show

Thursday evening, John and I were sitting on the porch after supper. It had rained most of the day and now, as it cleared, I was hoping to catch a rainbow. The sun was well behind us, not quite set but heavy clouds meant that it just peeked through now and then, spotlighting sections of the view across the river.

Then we noticed a strange ray effect emanating from one sunlit patch. 

Or was it from the cloud above? Was this a mystical experience?

The sunlit patch spread and the rays shifted. Upon reflection (!), we decided that the rays were bouncing off the sunlit areas.

Now the spotlight moved to Barnett Mountain.

I hated the microwave tower when it was erected maybe thirty of forty years ago but as has provided us internet and cell phone coverage, I've made my peace with it. 

It also provided me with the inspiration for a story--Barnett Moutain Jesus--in which a fella on a drinking spree sees the tower at a moment like this and thinks it's Jesus. (I posted that story last year HERE.)

And then that rainbow appeared!

A nice ending for our slow-motion light show.



Thérèse said...

The nicest way to divert the mind from the national (or international) news.

Anvilcloud said...

That was a good evening show for you.

Sandra Parshall said...


Barbara Rogers said...

Wonderful show...thanks Mom Nature. And all her minions; trees, mountains, sunlight and those wonderful refractions of rainbows!