Monday, April 22, 2024

Breaking News: The Rapture is Tomorrow! Again!

How many times does that make that some self-appointed prophet has proclaimed The Rapture? Or Armageddon or The Apocalypse or (fill in the blanks.)

Some people will believe anything. Witness the current state of the race for president. I think I'm actually more appalled at the number of Americans who choose to believe the Orange Blowhard (oops, I'm disqualifying myself from future juries involving him) than by the Blowhard himself.

I'd seen the "news" of the impending Rapture on FB but wanted to check the source. The first thing that popped up was Fox "News."

Surprise, surprise. When the history of the past decade is written (always assuming there will still be people capable of writing history,) Fox News will bear much of the blame for the Orange One's rise to power. Fox and Russian disinformation campaigns--though perhaps I repeat myself. They may well be one and the same.

Meanwhile, in other news, the bluebells are blooming, and my little patch of ramps is up. Years ago, I bought a bundle of freshly dug ramps and planted them. Now they are thriving and spreading. 

If I thought we were looking at End Times, I'd go on and pull up every last one and have a real ramp feast--kind of the fundamentalist approach to environmental issues--use it all up with no thought for the future because this world is not our home.

But I don't and I won't. I will continue to harvest only the occasional leaf, conserving the patch so it can increase. This world is my home.



Sandra Parshall said...

I want to stick around to see trump convicted of 88 felonies!
And what could be more beautiful than our unique planet? It's the only home we have, and we must love it and protect it.

Happy Earth Day!

Barbara Rogers said...

Happy earth day to an earth lover from an earth lover! We may not be as vocal as FOX News, but our dear earth will be around long after Fox is gone.

Marcia said...

Oh no! I didn't get the news! I'm not prepared!

Love your description of tRump. Someone said compare the color of his hands to his face. What a contrast. Why would anyone choose to look like that?

Vagabonde said...

I wonder what brand of makeup the orange cockroach uses on his face, apart from his ears that remain very white… I have not seen any cosmetics company taking credit for it – mind you, it might not be a selling point. If he gets too choleric in court he might could get an apoplexy – and that would be the end of that.

As for the rapture I have heard the word here and am not sure what it means. It is an ancient French word meaning an exhilarating or extremely pleasant experience, so it does not go with the end of times, which it would not be. There sure are some weird ways the US uses old French words, or changes their meaning. Like the French word preservatives that means condoms in French– but then condoms preserve women from something I guess…

JJM said...

Re: the orange face make-up. I used to work in the library of a think tank in Washington, DC. From time to time, one of the scholars would be invited to be a talking head on the evening news (vel sim.), and this was generally staged in the meeting room of the library because it had a solid wall of books providing a suitably erudite backdrop while still leaving plenty of space for the chairs and the filming equipment. (The books were ones published by the think tank, each archived thus in triplicate, and not that scholar's own collection.)

One day, Sam Donaldson (remember him? Long-time White House correspondent for ABC News?) was the talent, and he showed up with just such an orange face. Afterwards, I had a chance to ask one of the filming crew about that striking look. He explained that this was the colour of make-up some skin tones needed to look normal in front of the camera, to look fit and healthy and tanned instead of washed-out, pale, and puny.

I suspect that, for #45, the orange make-up is his way of still feeling like he is still "the talent", the important guy, the guy upon whom the camera is focused, the sine qua non in a world of glitz and glamour and success. And he applies it like some women will unwittingly apply excess make-up, only to come out looking like a clown.