Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Many Faces of Josie

I am a reader. This is a book about a robot. It has eight chapters and I am on Chapter Seven. I have a bookmark.


Somedays I am a princess. And a doctor. And a superhero with a cape.

Sometimes I am a storyteller. In this story, Octalia has captured the babies. But she isn't going to hurt them. It is just a game.

I wonder what I will be tomorrow.



Anvilcloud said...

Josie is having a good childhood.

Barbara Rogers said...

A little girl whose imagination is encouraged will definitely have a happy life ahead!

Sandra Parshall said...

Someday she will appreciate just what a marvelous childhood she has been given, compared to some other kids. The adults in her life are a blessing. ❤️

Vicki Lane said...

Sandy, the princess tiara and superhero cape were part of a gift from you. And Octalia was made by her Aunt Aileen. She is indeed blessed with friends and family.

Sandra Parshall said...