Monday, October 17, 2022

Red Sky at Morning

The Sunday morning sky posted a warning--as did the weatherman--a freeze is on the way.

I've been moving tender plants in--though Justin will have to deal with the big ones--the Bay trees and a few others.

John and Justin have been working on the wood piles--we are currently well supplied. We no longer rely on wood but on our Monitor heaters--wood is a backup for power outages--and an indulgence on chilly evenings.

It's been a beautiful fall--I still have pictures of foliage to post. But I'm falling into that winter/cozy mode--thinking of soups and stews and reading by the fire. Maybe a little rum in my hot tea.

To everything there is a season.



jennyfreckles said...

I always think it a pity that such a beautiful morning sky presages 'bad' weather.

Marcia said...

Lovely skies for what is also tells us what's coming.
This morning it's in the 30s and foggy. Rain may be in our future later today.

Sandra Parshall said...

I've seen a number of news stories about the way climate change is pushing autumn farther back, delaying winter. That has been especially noticeable this year in the DC area. Yesterday was the first day we've seen a lot of leaves coming down -- and many trees are still green.

Barbara Rogers said...

Tonight (well dawn tomorrow) is our first freeze. SO I'm glad it's warm today to have doors open to bring in the house plants that I wish to keep. I'll tuck the remaining outdoor plants next to the house under cover of porch roof...they may make it a few more nights. We shall see.

Anvilcloud said...

Made sweet potato soup last night. Excellent.