Thursday, October 13, 2022

Josie on Wednesday

I have had a cold (Not covid) and haven't been to see Meema in a Long time. But on Wednesday she picked me up from school--I showed her my Fireman's helmet. I missed the field trip my class took to the fire station, but they brought me this helmet. And a coloring book about firefighters.

We went for an ice cream cone too and there was a man there who Meema knew. She said she had been his teacher a long time ago and now they were friends. He was very nice, and he got a soda and then he paid for our cones too. We sat outside and talked. When he left Meema and I played Red Car, Blue Car and I won because I saw the most. I always get red. Meema said she would like to have white or gray for her color, but I said NO because the game is Red Car, Blue Car.

Meema didn't take any more pictures of me. But before we got home, she took lots of pictures of the leaves. She is always doing that--stopping on the road to take pictures. Sometimes I have to say Meema, Hurry Up! Because I want to get to the house and have some apple. And pee. and color in my new coloring book.




Barbara R. said...

Great to hear from Josie, who no longer has a cold! Loved that the school still provided her with some mementoes from the fire station. I dare say wherever you go you run into people you've taught, or at least known for years!

Sandra Parshall said...

What a shame that she missed the fire station visit! But there will be other class trips. I hope she stays virus-free after this.

jennyfreckles said...

Oh, I've had a cold too, Josie. sad to hear you missed the fire station visit. Perhaps there'll be another chance.