Friday, October 28, 2022

Please, Make It Stop

 For several days now I've been dealing with a muscle spasm in my back--not too bad during the day but utterly hellish at night. I've had these spasms now and again for years--usually as a result of standing in the kitchen to prepare a big holiday meal--or from sitting at the sewing machine or quilting frame too long. Or, drat it, from bending over to work on a watercolor.

Usually if I take a strong pain pill and go to bed, I wake up the next morning with the spasm resolved. But this one hasn't gone away so, in desperation (and because I was out of pain meds) I got an emergency appointment in Mars Hill.

The doctor (another kid) made some suggestions--PT, topical pain relief--and kindly wrote a script for more pain meds. For years I've managed this back condition with caution and very few pills -- the fact that my last prescription in April was for 10 pills and I've only just now run out convinced him that I didn't seem to be an addict.

After picking up the pills (and getting a flu shot,) I made a quick pass through the grocery store and now I'm home, sitting with a heating pad and a mug of hot tea while John makes dinner. I really want this to clear up--I haven't had an untroubled night's sleep in almost a week.

Of course, this is nothing to the troubles of many others--my friend Sandy is especially in my thoughts. She's been dealing with terrible back issues for over a year now.

Which kinda puts things in perspective.


UPDATE: As of Friday morning. I took one pill at 3 pm yesterday and the pain went away. I had a very good night's sleep and woke with no pain. Have taken no more pills but they are there if I need them. Hoorah!


Barbara Rogers said...

So sorry that you've been dealing with this pain. Platitudes galore to you to have well as my simple wish that you no longer have it!

Sandra Parshall said...

Oh, Vicki, I would give anything to spare you this. I hope you can have an MRI to rule out major issues with the disks and joints in your back. You can't compare your pain to anyone else's. If it's debilitating to you, that's what matters to YOU. Happy to hear you got some rest at last. I hope that continues. ❤️

Anvilcloud said...

Back spasms can be awful. I hop they have stopped by now.

Jean Baardsen said...

Those young whippersnappers always suggest PT. Sorry about the pain.