Sunday, October 23, 2022

Birthday Puzzles


 Yikes! I put off posting for Sunday till I was already awash in bubbly and chocolate cake. Today is John's 80th birthday (OMG) and we celebrated last night rather thoroughly.

So this will have to do for a post. As always, the gifts were accompanied by puzzles. It's somewhat easier since, for John, the gifts are always Scotch. And we try to guess the brand and sometimes the particular iteration of that label.

It's a group endeavor, solving these puzzles. Usually they are pretty brief-- A Korean from the hills, who goes by the name ___ ____.

Justin had one that was not so brief. I'll give it to you now and provide answers tomorrow. It's pretty involved.

As soon as Mick Jagger finished singing the words "They can't say we never tried," former astronaut and senator John ____ began screaming, ____  ____, not only asking for an encore but a repeat performance of the same song. Next to him sat former Bono spouse ____, who thought she had seen a ghost on stage (just Keith Richards) and screamed out as if in  cartoon, "___!" Ans so she never heard John say to her with a wink, "It never hurts to ____."

Answer and unraveling tomorrow.


Sandra Parshall said...

Sounds like John had a terrific birthday. Please add my good wishes, although I have no Scotch to offer.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh what fun that birthday must have been! Happiest wishes for many happy returns! No clue since I don't buy scotch any more...

Anvilcloud said...

Such an intellectual household. I’ll wait for the answers.

Elizabeth Varadan said...

Well, I certainly want the answers to that last riddle. To both of them, in fact. John's 80th sounds like a great celebration. Happy Birthday to him.