Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Subscribe Here!


Coryat calls your attention to the newly restored subscription widget in the top of the righthand column. (Which is different from the old one but evidently all that Blogger offers now.) Several folks have told me they were no longer receiving the daily posts via email.

I haven't a clue why this happened, but I've put the widget back.

Bob says it's easy to do. He gets all his favorite blogs via email.

Shiny, the captain of the goldfish, is encouraging his gang to sign up.

Jenny is asking John to sign her up.

And the ever-reclusive Angeline, is totally uninterested.


Sandra Parshall said...

I check your blog every morning before I check email, so I would never miss it in any case, but I am still getting the link by email. Love the photos. And I'm glad Jenny is behaving herself!

Barbara R. said...

Ah, the menagerie looks well fed and cool! I don't get any blogs via email, but when some comments come through late from blogs, those comments come as emails for me to choice of course. Have a happy hump day!

JJM said...

You post on a regular schedule (in your case, every day!) -- so there's no need for a reminder: you're on (and near the top of, right after "Check e-mail" and "Check calendar") my "Daily Rounds" list of URLs

Junk Journal Penpals said...

I think I'm still subscribed! I found this in my reading list, anyway. My Blog was messed up when I joined up with Google and it was never the same after that. Sometimes people couldn't see the posts or they couldn't comment or whatever. It's still not right even now! However I am trying again. That's all you can do, keep trying, isn't it. Is your Jenny what is called a bird dog in America?

Vicki Lane said...

Not a bird dog--more of a rabbit or squirrel dog. She's a mixed breed hound--maybe part beagle and part red tick.