Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Salmon Citrus Slaw



Yum! Good with focaccia on the side. Do the prep well ahead of time.

2-4 small salmon filets

2 limes (3 TB juice plus wedges for serving

2 TB fresh orange juice

2 TB tahini (Or white miso which is what the original recipe called for)

2-3 large scallions- white and light green part chopped, dark green thinly sliced and reserved for garnish

1 TB honey

¼ cup mayo

¼ tsp fine salt

Ground pepper to taste

4 cups thin sliced Napa cabbage (about half a small head—I may use more)

About a cup of grated carrot (or more)

Red onion, thin sliced

Optional additions: sliced mango, red bell pepper

To prepare the salmon: The original recipe called for rather tedious poaching. I just put some olive oil in an iron frying pan, bring it to high heat and put the filets in, skin side down. I saly them light ly with a season salt and let cook till the skin side is crispy. Flip the fillets, let sear briefly, then off heat. After about a minute or less, flip them again and pull off the skin. (The dogs love it). Let the filets cool a bit then refrigerate till well chilled (4 hrs.) Flake the salmon before adding to the slaw.

The dressing: In a blender, whir up te lime and orange juice, the chopped scallions, honey, tahini or miso, salt and pepper. Then blend in the mayo. Refrigerate till time to assemble the salad.

The slaw: Combine the thin sliced cabbage and carrots and onions with as much of the dressing as suits you. Maybe add some mango and and/or red bell pepper. Toss in the flaked salmon. Garnish with the reserved green onion and a wedge of lime.




Barbara Rogers said...

Oh how yummy! I had some left over grilled (in toaster oven) salmon to use and devised some strange recipe for it...later post this week! I like this idea with cabbage and a great dressing!

Vagabonde said...

This recipe sounds delicious. But for me alone, it would make quite a bit. Sometime I buy a package of slaw mix with dressing at Trader Joe’s then add some blue cheese dressing, scallion, and some spices to it. It is quick, but it still lasts me 5 days!