Friday, August 12, 2022

Progress Report from Me, Josie

Now that I am five years old and will start kindergarten in 11 more days, here are the things I can already do: 

I can fix my own breakfast. First I pour cheerios into a bowl.

Then I pour in the milk Very Carefully. That's it! Except for eating. Jenny got the leftover milk.

I can put the stinky dirty clothes into the washing machine. And when they are clean, Meema will hand them to me, and I will put them in the dryer. Teamwork!

Meema used to have to dress and undress my babies but now I can do it all by myself.

I pick out what I want to wear and dress myself every morning. Also, I am good at accessorizing.

I make sure the babies stay out of trouble--they want to run around all the time--so I put them to bed with Octalia to wrap them in her tentacles so they can't get away.

I am careful when I paint.

I take pictures with Meema's phone and do not drop it. These are two of my pictures. The first one is the goldfish pool.                                                

There are eleven orange goldfish and two or three black ones that are very hard to see. I have named some of the orange ones. Shiny is the captain. Then there is Goldy and Orangy and Black Back and Rocky. Rocky likes to hide under the rock at the edge. When it started to rain, Meema and Grumpy said maybe he was under the rock so he wouldn't get rained on and get wet. I said That is silly--he is in the water and he is already wet. Sometimes grownups are silly.

Also I took a picture of the clouds. 



Barbara R. said...

Oh I remember having a five-year old! You are such a young lady of many skills, Josie! Loved the two photos you took too!

Sandra Parshall said...

Beautiful photos by Josie.
Tell her that Sandy said independence is the best thing in the world. If you can do things for yourself, you will always be strong and you can help other people too. Ask questions about how to do things and learn as much as you can. Remember that there are no "girl things" and "boy things". You can do anything a boy can do if you take time to learn.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

Goodness, Josie has turned into quite the photographer! Loved the summary of all she can do by herself. But . . . five years old? I remember when she was first introduced as a teeny baby. How time has flown.