Tuesday, November 23, 2021

We Still Quilt

Not as much as we used to but our community still comes together now and then to produce a quilt. This beauty was designed and facilitated by a friend of mine whose first grandchild is on the way. Folks were asked to embroider their name on a strip of red fabric--all of which were put together to make a lovely inner border. A few people sewed together the sailboat blocks, the grandma-to-be put the top together and a few more folks did the quilting.

The sister of the mama-to-be arranged for a baby shower at which the quilt was presented. I remember a similar shower, about forty years ago (really, could it have been that long?)  when the community presented a quilt to this same sister, who was a new-born at the time.

Ay law. Hit don't seem possible.


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KarenB said...

Such a lovely tradition!