Thursday, November 18, 2021

Making a Start . . .

In between taking Jenny out to potty (about every half hour as she's not clear yet about the appropriate place to pee and/or poop,) I made a start on wrapping some Christmas presents. And just for fun, painted some gift labels.

That and fixing dinner pretty much was my day. And then it was evening and, after one more potty out, dinner, another potty out, it was time to watch Dalgliesh. We had just finished watching all of Foyle's War yet again. Foyle and Sam are such decent people and so many of the ethical/moral dilemmas posed in this series have counterparts today, that I find more to love with each re-watching.

But all good things come to an end. We moved on to The Long Call--pretty good but not near as good as Vera in our opinion. And it didn't go on long enough for me to feel I really knew the characters.

Now we're onto Dalgliesh. Most of the episodes are somewhat familiar to me as I've read most of the novels. I'm enjoying what we've seen so far. Dalgliesh is an interesting fella--a Chief Inspector and a noted poet. A little humorless, at this point, as he's also grieving the loss of his wife and child. But I loved the novels and will look forward to the rest of the series.

Oops, time  for another potty out before bed. 



Anvilcloud said...

I enjoyed The Long Call more than you and Foyle and Dalgliesh somewhat less, i think. I did like them though. I thought the characters in Call were actually well done, but perhaps that was because I had recently read the book and liked how well they were represented. The gist was close to the book, but there were adaptations too. I don’t always understand why they adapt, but they do have their reasons. Cleeves has said that she accepts and understands that these will occur.

Sandra Parshall said...

I didn't even know a new Dalgliesh series had been made. I find myself less than interested. They seem a little old fashioned now.

Marcia said...

We watched Foyle's War years ago and I agree with you about the good character shown by Foyle. Have not heard of Dalgliesh. We tape Midsomer Murder but find it very formulaic and gory.