Wednesday, November 3, 2021


After my sleepover at Meema's, my friend came for another play date. She is only three but she does Not act like a baby. Sometimes she is bossy like me Josie. We painted pictures and played with Castle People. The horses are her favorites.

In The Room, we played dress-up.

(She always picks my favorite things, the ones that are Very Special to me. But I am trying to be better at Sharing like Meema is always telling me.)

She likes to ride on Philly and I tell her that she is a good rider.

I am the Big Kid (almost four and a half years old) as you can see.

I was sorry when it was time for her to go home. But before she got in her car, we played Chase Each Other for five minutes and that was lots of fun.

It is good to have a friend!



Barbara Rogers said...

What good photos to see, of happy safe healthy and loved little girls

Marcia said...

So sweet. Now here's a question: does Josie dictate and you type her blog posts?

Vicki Lane said...

She doesn't dictate--not the blog posts anyway. I try to write in her voice.