Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Game's Afoot!

We had an unexpected early call yesterday from the shelter to say that Ginger Jenny was ready to come home so John and I set out.

I mentioned she was skittish and she Did Not want to get in the car but once she found a safe spot on the backseat floor, the trip home was uneventful--except for a massive upchuck I discovered at the end of the ride. The road is very winding and I'd throw up too if I rode on the backseat floor.

She is settling in well and approves of the food She also likes Bobadog. She's seen and ignored the cats and explored most of the house. 

I hope to get better pictures soon--she rarely stops moving. Her hound nose is busy every second in our smell-rich environment.



Marcia said...

I think she likes it there.

Sandra Parshall said...

Lots of adjustments ahead for everyone! Josie will shower her with love.

Barbara Rogers said...

Ha ha...have to laugh for all the antics that are ahead with Jenny. (That was the name of my first kitten/cat which I grew up with).

Anvilcloud said...

Glad to see her settling in.

Nancy Emanuel said...

What an adventure she's going to have this week when she realizes she now lives on a farm! It's so nice to see her go to a good home! I can't wait to see pics of her meeting Josie.