Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Minority Opinion from the Kittehs

Corycat here. Angeline is incommunicado these days as will become clear.

I simply don't understand The Woman. It's not enough that our peaceful existence is periodically disrupted by That Child (though I must confess That Child has learned not to pester us. I even occasionally allow her to stroke my back--a little) but now The Woman has brought in a round-the-clock nuisance, a whirling dervish of a dog that she calls Jenny. 

The Nuisance sleeps in Our room--she has her own bed and I have stood firm (hissing, growling, cursing, and taking the occasional swat if she gets close enough) against allowing her on this one. Angeline--who has taken to spending much of her time upstairs or under the bed--still emerges at night to sleep here. But every night, before the lights go out, The Nuisance puts on a hunting dog performance, slithering under the bed in search of Angeline, emitting disgusting little yelps all the while, or howling at me while I look on with distain from the security of the marble-topped chest.

Oh, I still pursue my avocations--working on my life list . . . keeping The Woman up to par with her door duty and bowl filling jobs . . .

And I suspect that The Nuisance and I will reach détente soon---she's beginning to pretend she doesn't see me when we meet going in or out the door. I will make sure she remains wary of The Mighty Paw.

But I still don't understand The Woman's motives. Perhaps I'll poop on her pillow to express my annoyance . . . no, that would be undignified. A stoic indifference is perhaps my best move. I could ignore The Woman. . .but I already do that most of the time.

I'll think of something.



Marcia said...

I can see why your cats are upset. As to pooping on pillows, I hope that hasn't happened. A cat we had would do that on my parents bed when we went away for a bit.

Barbara R. said...

Ah, there will be some shaking up to be done with as things settle into having another mouth and heartbeat around.

Vicki Lane said...

When I was in college I had a cat that expressed her dislike for my roommate by pooping on her pillow. It hasn't happened since, than goodness.

Anvilcloud said...

That was fun from an odd looking cat that I quite like . .. . In pictures anyway

Sandra Parshall said...

Poor babies, when they have to hide in their own home. But Jenny will settle down and detente will come. Smooches to Cory and Angeline.