Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Staying Apart -- How's It Going?

How is the pandemic changing your life? 

It's been over a week now since we began the stay in place thing.  John has made a few runs to the grocery and feed store for for essentials -- all of which he was able to find. My weekly class in online now and going pretty well; a workshop I was scheduled for this weekend is cancelled; and John C. Campbell, where I am scheduled to teach in late May is closed for the foreseeable future.

I haven't had Josie since last Wednesday -- I know some of you all are missing pictures of our girl but she's had a cold and her daddy is keeping her home.  He's been rained out of work anyway.  I did bake some cranberry muffins and take them down down.

I've been busy though. Finished yet another read through of CROWS-- this time in the advance reading copy. I found thirteen small goofs and one rather major one. Folks at Regal 
House are proofreading too. I hope we catch them all. 

And I edited the forty pages for my class and am in the midst of editing a novel for an ex-student. Fortunately, it's a good story and I like editing. And this is paying work which is good  since the money I might have made teaching those workshops is in doubt.

I feel a little guilty at how normal -- baking, bird-watching, reading--my life is just now--except for that constant hum of existential fear in the background--worry about friends and family, and the fear that, encouraged by the Orange Disaster, people will cease the social distancing and our hospitals and health care, already on shaky grounds, will be overwhelmed.

But, hey, I'm old and expendable, and maybe a little bitter on learning that Some People are willing to accept a die-off among the elderly if it will boost the economy.

May those Some People (and not the rest of us) reap what they sow. 

Only pandemics don't work that way. Like the rain, the virus will attack the just and the unjust alike. But

'The rain it raineth on the just
And also on the unjust fella'
But chiefly on the just because
The unjust hath the just's umbrella ventilator."


Anvilcloud said...

I suppose my life in 90% the same as before as I am not exactly a mad gad-about.

KarenB said...

My son is home from college and will be at least through the middle of the summer. He was expecting to only be home for a week at the end of the semester. The class I lead is on hiatus until the beginning of April. I think I'll probably be doing that via Zoom. The class I'm taking is online as well. And I miss going into the pottery studio. Things are different and yet many things are the same.

On the economy - economies can recover, dead people cannot. I told my parents under no circumstances were they to sacrifice themselves for our economy. I'm not willing to make that dubious trade.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good to know you're busy and employed! Love the birds.

Janet Morrison said...

I enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing more pictures of your precious Josie when she's able to visit you again.

jennyfreckles said...

Like you, not a lot of my daily rhythm has changed. Just the level of anxiety in the background!

Tara said...

Beautiful bird photos.

I have had my gym classes canceled, my yoga canceled, and my weekly "Mind/Body Connection" class canceled. I miss them on for their intrinsic value but also for the social value. Otherwise, life is much the same except that at times I am gripped with anxiety. Usually a walk or a good movie will do the trick.

I've been observing stay at home orders for three weeks and our governor just announced a state wide order until April 17. That likely will change, as that is probably when the peak of the wave is going to wash over us.

Hope Josie feels better soon!