Friday, March 20, 2020

Light in Dark Times

Life goes on--at the moment, hardly changed for me. I'm an introvert anyway and, aside from taking Josie to the library or going to the grocery, don't normally get off the farm much  except for my writing workshop class.

Now that's moved on line. I don't miss the drive to and from and we're getting better at managing a semblance of  classroom chat on Google Hangouts but it's not the same.

No more library now either and John has been making the recent grocery runs. I'm busy with Josie or editing--class pages as well as an entire novel by a past student. AND I have to proofread the just received copy of CROWS one last time.

 Meanwhile, the warmer weather has me eager to get out and pull weeds and dig in the dirt. Good therapy for working of my anger at reading that NC Senator Burr, who, privy to advance knowledge of the severity of the covid-19 pandemic, was able to sell off around a million dollars worth of stock before the market nosedived. (Article HEREAnd to hold a private meeting with big donors, all the while reassuring the common folk that things were under control.

Didn't Martha Stewart do time for something like that? Insider trading? 

Burr wasn't the only one. I suspect we'll find our more and more of those folks who were dragging their feet on declaring an emergency were just buying time to protect their already considerable assets.

Meanwhile, the little guys-- the independent bookstores, the restaurants, the art galleries, so many of our local businesses are struggling to stay afloat and to serve the community as best they can.

Not to mention the health care professionals, the folks at the grocery stores and public utilities, the charities, the working parents who struggle to deal with kids home from school, those same closed schools that are providing meals for students who might otherwise go hungry-- and all the people who just keep on keeping on.  

There are heroes out there.


Anvilcloud said...

You seem to be doing very well. Keep on keeping on.

Misty Barnes said...

Did your library close? Some closed libraries are doing a library version of a drive thru service. We haven't yet closed - Pender County Library. We were supposed to have our annual puzzle sale in April. We set up a table with puzzles for sale a few days ago. That's been a popular table over the past day or so! So many folks in to stock up on reading materials.

Vicki Lane said...

Our library has a drive through/curbside delivery going on. But the play groups and programs are all cancelled.

Barbara Rogers said...

Socialization has changed clothes, she wears a screen and must have some technological energy to run her...unless it's like yesterday meeting friends on a path while walking, and bowing and clasping one's own hands in prayer pose and saying Namaste.

Vicki Lane said...

Namaste is an excellent greeting for these times.

bubbles said...
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Kathy Hunter said...

Heard today that the library will be having story time on Thursdays online.

Vicki Lane said...