Thursday, March 26, 2020

Josie Has a Little Cold but She Feels Better

Thanks to Claui for the pictures!

Hey! I have a little cold and am socially isolating at my house with my mama and my daddy so the old people don't catch it. 

I can wear pajamas all day long, just like some of you, I bet. I also keep up my strength with lots of food. You too?

Ali feels a little puny too so I am taking care of him.  

Time for a banana break! They always help my mood.

When it gets warmer, I'll be able to go outside and check on things. 

Stay safe, everyone! And, by the way, grandparents are NOT expendable.

UPDATE: That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday she felt better and went outside. Meema went down to get some pictures.

I woke up from my nap and felt much better. I wanted to go outside so Daddy put sunblock on me and brought my snack out.

Forsythia is my favorite.

I moved my snack out to the picnic table.

It is nice to sit in the sun.

I picked some daffodils...

and sat under the pear tree. It looks like snow under there.

Time to do some tractor work.

It's good to feel better!


Sandra Parshall said...

Wonderful photos! I’m glad she’s feeling better. Looks like she’s almost back to normal.

NCmountainwoman said...

I always love a good dose of Josie. Glad she is over the cold and able to be with Meemaw again.