Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Meema Strikes Out


Josie's dad was always a great one for arguing, so much so that we often told him he was perfect for a legal career. Actually, one of his teachers, noticing the same talent told him the same thing-- "Justin, you'd make a good lawyer."

The reply was quick and not very polite."Mr. ___, you'd make a good truck driver." 

Yesterday, Josie was scheduled for a dental procedure in the afternoon, and I was to take her in to Asheville to meet her mother. Thinking it would be a thoughtful thing for the child to show up with clean teeth, I proposed several things.

It did not go well. Here's the series of texts I exchanged with Josie's mom:

Josie says that after her appointment, she's coming back here. Is that correct?

No. It will be dinnertime when we get home

I thought so but she was so sure

She doesn't like to be wrong

Tell me. I was trying to get her to brush her teeth with a new (adult) toothbrush, and she said she wasn't allowed to use that. Tried to get her to floss. Also the wrong kind of floss. Asked her to rinse her mouth at least and she said the dentist said sink water was bad for her teeth.

She went and got water from the kitchen (sink) and rinsed

I tried
Also we had the wrong kind of mouthwash

None of that is true LOL

I had a feeling but it's too hot to argue

I don't blame you
Often wrong but never in doubt


Barbara Rogers said...

They start this when 2 years old...asserting their own ideas about things. Some grow out of it, some aren't very vocal about it at 2, but wait till they are teens! Oh boy oh boy, do you have something to look forward to! But parenting, grandparenting, is just a chore/blessing that at least shows great results in the long term.

Vicki Lane said...

I want her to be assertive...but sometimes I wish she'd just say Yes, Meema, and get on with the program.

Sandra Parshall said...

She's going to be unmanageable when she hits her teens!

Marcia said...

Sounds like my oldest granddaughter - always ready with another option.