Tuesday, June 25, 2024

At Last!

I planted these daylilies four years ago. Their first year, they didn't bloom but that was expected. The second year, they were inadvertently whacked down by a weedeater. The third year, they came back from the roots -- no bloom. But this year, at long last, we have blooms!

I truly didn't know what to expect. I remembered they had been rather pricey specimens whose pictures in a daylily catalogue had compelled me to add them to my collection. I've been watching the buds swell, eager to see what it was I'd chosen.

The purple centered lovely with the ruffled edges is pretty spectacular. But this deep rose double bloom is, I think, my favorite of the two. 

I'd love to get more and more and more daylilies, but the truth is, I should thin the ones I have. Not an easy task.

These days, I force myself to throw the daylily catalogues into the recycling without a glance.



Marcia said...

They are lovely. My daughter gave me a double bloom from her garden. I may miss seeing it this year as we set out traveling today for two weeks.

Sandra Parshall said...

I love daylilies -- and have too many. Bulb lilies are also gorgeous and reliable. I'm sad to say that B&D Lilies, the best bulb company in the country, has shut down.

Barbara Rogers said...

These two are simply stunning. I like how daylilies give brightness in this heat...they just keep on blooming.